Boo-freakin’ hoo…if I don’t do my job, I run the risk of being fired ASAP. Since we don’t have that option with these SCOAMFs (I know that title’s usually reserved for BO, but it shouldn’t be…), withholding pay seems like a good plan. I’d take it one further – rather than this:

“The provisions in the bill specify that if the Senate does not pass a budget resolution, pay will be withheld until Jan. 3, 2015, when the 113th Congress ends.”

Make that pay witholding *permanent* if the budget resolution is not passed – in fact, let’s do away with their pensions, insurance coverage, etc. as well! Seems legit to me…

Senators not in ‘millionaires’ club’ would be hurt by lost paychecks – The Hill.

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