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No wonder we are circling the drain as a country…

One small example of why Washington is dragging us to hell in a handbasket:

$175,920,000,000 – Agriculture’s share of the 2010 US GDP (1.2% of $14.660 trillion dollars)
Say it with me: “one hundred seventy-five billion nine hundred twenty million DOLLARS”
$131,000,000,000 – USDA’s FY 2010 Annual Budget
Again: “one hundred thirty-one billion DOLLARS” 

– 131,000,000, 000/175, 920,000,000 = 0.744656662 = 74.46% 

– So the government entity responsible for oversight over US agriculture has an annual budget of 74.46% of all of the money made by farmers? Oh, and the USDA budget for 2011? A mere $148 BILLION DOLLARS. In a major recession, they raised the already bloated USDA budget by $17 Billion Dollars? Sad, isn’t it?

If my calculations or figures are incorrect – please let me know…dollar amounts from here and here(pdf).

Obfuscation in .gov? Surely you jest…

Here’s a bit of news….. if inflation was still calculated the way it was in 1978, we would have in excess of 10% inflation right now. How did this ‘magic’ inflation reduction happen? Well, the Fed’s have changed the math more than two dozen times since then…

h/t Carteach0

WTF, indeed…

David Codrea: Why did NRA give pro-gun candidate an ’F’?

Go RTWT – repost, forward to your friends – this needs national exposure. NRA has made some bonehead moves before, but this is ridonkulous.

Why did NRA give pro-gun candidate an ’F’? – National gun rights |

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