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Veterans Day 2012

That freedom you enjoy?

They built that.

Thank you all that have served.

Armed Forces Day

I have been remiss – I neglected to note earlier that today is Armed Forces Day. My sincere apologies.

Though there are many things awry in our country today – our men and women that serve in the United States Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy are what is still right with it.

For those who have served and still serve – “Thank You!”

Veterans Day 2011

Today and every day my most heartfelt “Thank You” for your service to our country. Those of you who have gone in harm’s way – and those who have not – have my deepest gratitude.

What he said…

h/t to DBS

Happy Mother’s Day

To my Mom and all of the other moms out there – Happy Mother’s Day.

Today is one more opportunity out of 365 to thank and give thanks for the women that did so much to shape us into who we are today. I know that every time I see a kid acting like a little liberal in public, I give thanks that I had good “home raising”. There’s no substitute for being taught the value of good behavior, honesty, integrity and responsibility for one’s life choices.

Thanks, Mom!

I have been remiss…

The get-together at Lidia’s was a wonderful gab-fest – good food and awesome company. There was however, one small drawback: the walk to the restaurant had moved Mom and me even further away from where we parked (across the river near the Warhol Museum). When it was time to head out on our hike, Ed aka Red very graciously offered to give us a lift. Once again proving that gunnies are the coolest people!

Thank you, Ed!

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