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Monday Earworm

These kids are nothing short of amazing – good stuff! Crank it!

After being around these all weekend…

All I can say is DO WANT!

The pictures *do not* do the holsters justice – Dennis needs to post some larger pictures (Nudge-nudge!)
Most assuredly on my wish list – time to start saving my cookie money.

Go check ’em out if you haven’t already…Dragon Leatherworks

FTC Notice: I don’t have one yet, I’ve just looked at a bunch of them. They look really nice – I want one, and expect to pay for it. Bite me, or something…

Almost time to get your laugh on…

Johnny’s Almost-Released New Book

I can’t wait…

A Capella Metal? WTF?

Yeah, I know it has real percussion and vocal processing, so technically is it a capella?  But to do this with voices? I freakin’ LOVE this:

How cool is this? Radio Flyer Car

Sorry no embed – worth the click though!

RADIO FLYER CAR: Valley couple’s Radio Flyer car turns heads –

Catchy Tune – I’ll be hummin’ it on November 2nd!

H/T to Mark Scott

Another voice – still got it

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