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Kristina Ribali – Aurora: My thoughts on this tragedy and calls for gun control

Folks, this is a must read…Musings from the “Blonde Momshell”: Aurora: My thoughts on this tragedy and calls for gun control.

This is why the 2nd Amendment is vitally necessary…when seconds count, (on multiple occasions) the cops are minutes away. And our justice system is but years away…notice how well all the existing laws worked in this situation?

…and yes, this is quite effective:


As Jay G is wont to say, “That is all.”

Snell: Your life is precious, protect it – Iowa State Daily: Opinion

Someone who gets it:

“She was dead.

The woman lay on her back in the middle of the street. Her eyes were open and staring up at the sky, clouds reflecting on the haze forming over them. Pools of thick, dark syrup formed under her back, her life blood oozing out across the black asphalt around her body.

I was there when she died.

It’s a hell of a thing, death. Anyone who has been around it knows about that moment when someone goes from being a person to a thing. It’s a curiosity, almost magical in a way. You can’t help but be mesmerized.

Dying is a threshold we all have to step over someday, and your instincts force you to watch someone else do it, perhaps to see if you can learn some secret — a secret that will help you the moment you cast off your own mortality.

But this was a time when the line was crossed too soon and for no good reason: This woman was shot and killed by her jealous ex-boyfriend.”

RTWT at Iowa State Daily:

LawDog Plays 20 Questions

The LawDog Files: Ok, I’ll play

“Nom Nom Nom”


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“The team of Alan Gura (the lead lawyer in McDonald) and Alan Gottlieb are a force to be taken seriously and are taking point on a lot of skirmishes these days.
SAF is a 501 (c) (3) corporation and your donations are tax deductible.” – Joe Huffman

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