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Friday Eye Candy




“Wave after wave of young men surged forward to take turns punching and kicking their victim. The victim’s friend, a young woman, tried to pull him back into his car. Attackers came after her, pulling her hair, punching her head and causing a bloody scratch to the surface of her eye. She called 911. A recording told her all lines were busy. She called again. Busy. On her third try, she got through and, hysterical, could scream only their location.Church and Brambleton. Church and Brambleton. Church and Brambleton. It happened four blocks from where they work, here at The Virginian-Pilot.”

RTWT –  A beating at Church and Brambleton | |


There’s a whole lot of “what were they thinking” running through my mind  right now:

  • Why weren’t their car doors already locked?
  • Why didn’t they just drive off?  While a car may be vulnerable – it has more of a position of strength than an unarmed human.
  • Unarmed? In this day and age, why?
While being attacked, she called 911 – and it took three attempts to get through past “all lines are busy.”  In the PD’s defense, we don’t know if that recording was cell service or 911 call center generated. But remember – even once she got through – the police were only minutes away. Meanwhile, the mob beating continued…
Why did the responding officer record the incident as “simple assault”? Treat it as a mugging – less paperwork?
Why did the paper bury a story involving two of its staff? Political correctness?
From Twitter the next day:

“I feel for the white man who got beat up at the light,” wrote one person.

“I don’t,” wrote another, indicating laughter. “(do it for trayvon martin)”

Folks, this is merely the tip of the iceberg…


Lagniappe’s Lair: Obama quietly hoses gun owners. Few notice.

“The U.S. government opposed South Korea’s bid to sell hundreds of thousands of aging U.S. combat rifles to American gun collectors, a senior government official said Thursday.

The ministry announced the plan last September as part of efforts to boost its defense budget, saying the export of the M1 Garand and carbine rifles would start by the end of 2009.

The U.S. administration put the brakes on the plan, citing “problems” that could be caused by the importation of the rifles.”  – More at Lagniappe’s Lair

“Well we’re noticing. The question now is what we’re going to do about it. Spread this around, gunnies…it may be too late to undo this screw-job, but at least we can hold the responsible guy and his followers accountable and rebut their claims that Obama isn’t out to take our guns away.”          – Me (Laginiappe’s Dad)

Pissed me off, too – but what else should we expect from this “Administration”?

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