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NRA 2010 Convention Blogger Meetup Part II

More Photos from Chris

Blogger Meetup – NRA 2010 (my photos this time)

 Orange Neck, Alan, Caleb’s Back, pdb, Uncle
Jay G, pdb, partially obscured by Caleb’s hand is his lovely wife, 
Lindsey – here (The View From North Central Idaho) for a non-obscured picture.

ChrisJoe HuffmanNewbius, Weer’d Beard, Alan (sneezing),
JayG, Breda, MikeW (ball cap)

???, ChrisJoe HuffmanNewbius, Weer’d Beard,
Wai – The Blazing Orange, Alan (dueling cameras), several question marks…
Weer’d Beard, Dixie, Adorable Baby, Chris, ???,  MikeW,  

Alan, JayG, Larry Weeks from Brownells, unix-jedi

Caleb, Gene, Unknown Charlotte Dood, Friend of Gene?
Dixie, Adorable Baby,  Chris, MikeW, ???, Jay G

Let me know if you recognize someone I missed! ‘Way too much fun!

More NRA Convention 2010 Pictures – from The Blazing Orange


NRA Convention 2010

NRA 2010 Convention Blogger Meetup Pt. I

Photos from Chris

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