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Pick and Pluck Foam FTW

I recently bought a house-brand Pelican-style camera case from Calumet Photo to use as a gun case – I figured I needed something with healthy dimensions to accommodate my folded Kel-Tec SUB2000  with optics attached.

To get the length and depth I needed, I had to move up to a pretty large case – but hey, extra space isn’t a bad thing! The case is built like a tank – with four latches and two locking points at each latch.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of interior real estate – 22.83 x 17.32 x 8.66″ – Internal –  filled with a solid one inch piece of foam in the bottom, two layers of pick and pluck (diced) foam and topped with egg-crate foam in the lid.

It took about ten minutes to create the form-fit area for the SUB2K – pretty slick! Next step will be to fit slots for the magazines and mount that Magpul AFG and pluck foam to accommodate it.

That’s a Red Lion Precision, LLC SUB 2000 forend on the Kel-Tec – allows you to index the forend by 90° increments so you can add optics and accessories and still fold it. (Another solid piece of equipment – amazing how much more substantial it makes the gun feel.) More of a review and range-testing to follow soon.

There’s lots of “left-over” space in the case – room for four to six pistols and their mags – more to come on that.

This will make range trips (and grab-n-go) much easier – I’m really liking it!

Highly recommended…




FTC Disclaimer: I purchased the Kel-Tec SUB2000, the Calumet case, the Red Lion Forend and the Magpul AFG with my own money. I thought it might be worth writing about…I received no wheelbarrows full of cash for writing this short-form review.
(…and bite me).

Buy A Gun Day…

I recently got a new Ruger SR9C – so I will not get a gun for B.A.G Day. However, in the spirit of the day, it’s time to start my slide down the slippery slope of reloading. I’m still researching what I’m going to buy – most likely a turret model. Any brand and model suggestions from the reloading crowd? I want to try the cast bullet end of things, too…

In other news, I’ve got a long way to go……but I’m really starting to like the new blog digs. I’m still “unpacking” and “putting stuff away” – so expect to see other changes over the next few days. Getting a blogroll configured was somewhat of a bear – the old Blogger site had a widget set to do the blogroll “out of the box.” I’m still not thrilled with the current setup – I’d like it to display the blog name as well as the post title – any suggestions there?

Happy NGD, range time, sighting in and venison jerky.

Happy New Gun Day – in celebration of Election Day and the Second Amendment, I took my new (to me) XD .45 ACP out to the range Tuesday afternoon! Shootin’ Bud Lee was along for the trip…as is seeming to be the norm with the shorter days, we had the range to ourselves.

I honestly don’t think the XD had been really even broken in by its previous owner, but it performed flawlessly with 50 rounds of Remington UMC and another 70 rounds out of a Winchester 100 pack. We didn’t get to shoot the entire box of Winchester due to nightfall’s rapid arrival back in the holler. (Hollow for non-country folk).

The long and short of it? It’s a sweet handgun – more accurate than I am, so any fliers are all mine to claim! I knew I was going to like it from having shot my brother’s – he has the 5″ barrel vs the 4″ (maybe he’s compensating?). (GD&R)

Anyway, we also put another 100 rounds through Lee’s Taurus 92. Say what you will about Taurus – and I don’t have a horse in that race – but we’ve put at least 600 rounds through that pistol with no malfunctions.

We headed out for home after we scavenged all of our brass. When we got in, we started prepping some thin-sliced venison to make jerky. We’ve run about four pounds through the dehydrators so far – with four different marinades. I have another three pounds or so to finish drying tonight.

Some time ago I promised to relate an easy way to sight in the scope on your rifle – this embedded video does a better job than I can – enjoy!

С Новым Днем Ган – Я получил мою Сайга стрелковая

Happy New Gun Day – I got my Saiga Rifle!
(Any translation errors are Google’s)

I figure everyone needs at least one rifle or carbine capable of shooting MOBD* – here’s mine. She’s utilitarian and kinda u-gly. (Don’t tell her I said that…) 7.62 x 39 and of course “rock stock” at the moment – plastic furniture and all.

She’s anything but svelte at the moment, but there are some upgrades and updates planned. A nice Russian girl – I think her name should be Svetlana. Rather appropriate since Sveltlana means “light” and the muzzle flash of a Saiga carbine can be rather impressive!

I’ve been surfing all of the usual Saiga web hangouts for customizing ideas. Most folks seem to go tacticool with their updates – I’m planning to go kinda retrocool – I found this over at

Being a woodworker, I’m inclined to have a go at making my own from scratch, but that sure is purty. I really like that modified Monte Carlo pattern…

A question for any Saiga/AK-pattern owners out there – is the scar/scratch arc that the safety puts on the receiver just a fact of life on any of Mikhail’s marvels – or is there something to prevent it? I’ll probably do a finish job on it, but the scratch (and the likelihood of repeating it bugs me).

Looking forward to some range time very soon…

*Moment of Barn Door

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