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A Girl and Her Gun: The Give-A-Way

A Girl and Her Gun: The Give-A-Way:

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Thank you.

This looks interesting

AK Ratchet Charging Handle

H/T to Uncle

Range Report – 6-5-2010

Another trip to Moss Knob – convenient, well maintained – what’s not to like? Currently it’s free to use from 1/2 hour after sunrise to 1/2 hour before sunset. There is a notice posted that they are evaluating instituting a $3.00 per day/$30.00 per year fee schedule. While free is great, a fee schedule like that would still be a bargain.

When I got to the range, there were three other guys there. Two of them were shooting Ruger 10/22 rifles, and one had a Ruger M77 (.243). I set up my 10/22 with bench bags to start sighting in my new scope – just an entry level Tasco on Weaver See-Thru rings. As I started to try to get something to print on paper, one of the guys offered to show me a sighting in trick an old-timer had taught him. I figured “why not?” so we gave it a try. Four shots later, it was dialed in clean enough for bulls-eye shots at 50 yards. Five minutes later, I was printing clean groups at 100 yards. Dayummm…that was cool!

There was shooting and sharing of guns – I had a chance to shoot the M77, but never did (dangit!). It was tricked out – bipod, stock monopod and a hugemongous scope – a complete tack driver. Add in a little pistol shooting, made for a great day.

Unfortunately as the day wore on, my shots started getting wilder and wilder. The set screws for my Weaver rail had loosened and backed out –  as well as the main take-down screw – so the barrel was wobbling in the stock, too! I knew they made Loctite for a reason (dagnabbit!). So we repeated the procedure so I could shoot a bit more…by this time I’d shot 350 rounds, so I decided to call it quits.

Last night, I field stripped it and did some high level cleaning. This morning I decided to strip the entire trigger group down – for cleaning and to re-familiarize myself with the dissassembly/reassembly. I also pulled the Weaver rail off, cleaned the screw threads in the receiver and remounted the rail – using Loctite this time. I set that aside to cure while I reassembled the trigger group. I got it all back together and lightly lubed – I had a minor headache getting the charging handle and bolt to realign, but I persevered! I got it all back together – with a drop of Loctite on the take-down screw and then slid the scope back on the Weaver rail.

Now  – gotta get back out to the range to sight it in again.

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