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“We have to pass it to know what’s in it.” – Nancy Pelosi

I told you so, part deux…
Larger view of bar chart

Show and tell with Shane Jansen

Note to Progressives:

Newsflash! There is no clean end to a turd.


A new Facebook friend has shared the letter we are all dreading across the nation – though I’m sure many others have already gotten it. We just received verbal notification at work today, but the ax hasn’t officially fallen. On to his original post:

So I got a letter from Bluecross Blueshield, my health insurance provider, on Saturday. It explained that my current plan, the plan I chose to fit my individual needs, does not comply with Obamacare and thus had to be cancelled. It went on to say that I shouldn’t worry because I had been automatically moved to new plan that does meet the new Obamacare requirements. The details of my new plan are just excellent. My deductible went from $1500 up to $2500, that’s 66%. My limit on annual out of pocket expenses went up from $1500 to $6350, up 323%. I’m now covered for a bunch of things I don’t want or need, like mental illness inpatient and substance abuse inpatient treatment coverage. Now a rational person might assume that when something I chose to buy, and wanted to keep was taken from me, it would at least cost less to pay for the thing that was forced onto me. Well that’s the best part! My monthly premium went up from $139.50 to $229.19, an increase of 65%! I get to pay MORE for something I don’t even want… Remember when our fearless leader said if we like our current plan we can keep it? I know I’m not the only person experiencing this. Please share your story, people have to understand what’s happening here. And please support Ted Cruz and his allies in the senate. He’s one of the few people trying to save us from this monstrosity .


Images courtesy Shane Jansen, used by permission. Go on, read ’em. Weep. Absorb them. Let the rage build.

BCBS Letter

Exhibit One:
BCBS Comp 1

Exhibit Two:

BCBS Comp2

Exhibit Three:

So…how’s that Obamacare working for you? Not so hot for me. I’ve been preaching this since way before it ever got signed into law  – and Nancy Pelosi and Dingy Harry Reid gleefully danced like the vultures they are on the graves of countless future Obamacare victims. Rude awakening time – the future is NOW. It’s HERE.

Did you really read and absorb those numbers? Shane had a pretty frikkin’ decent insurance plan before – beats the heck out of what I have had. But I’d say his paycheck is going to take quite a hit. I know mine already has – before the dreaded letter.

So Senator Ted Cruz spoke to defund Obamacare (The UNAffordable Care Act) for an epic 21 hours and 19 minutes – some dispute it being a filibuster – I don’t care. Senator Cruz gets it. Unlike many, he read the damnable thing and refused to vote for it.

I have a pdf of the bill, but I have not read it in its entirety – I honestly didn’t have the stomach for it. What I did read of it showed me the writing on the wall – unfortunately I was dismissed by many as that crazy libertarian guy with the “Don’t Tread on Me” tag on his truck.

I hate to say “I told you so” –  but I frikkin’ TOLD YOU SO.

I have a pretty decent job, and this is going to seriously hurt me.

Low information voters that voted for “FREEEEE STUFF! MOAR” – it’s honestly going to hurt you even more.

I hope to all that’s holy you can get a discount on a tub of petroleum jelly. You’re gonna need it.

Bend over – Dr. Obama is in…




Things that make you go hmmm…and grab your tinfoil hat…

On three separate days this July, invisible and odorless gases will be released in subway stations and at street level in all five boroughs of New York City. But officials in the New York Police Department will not be alarmed — it was their idea.

The gases, known as perfluorocarbons, will be dispersed to study how airborne toxins would flow through the city after a terrorist attack or an accidental spill of hazardous chemicals, the department said on Wednesday.

Police to Disperse Gas to See How It Would Flow in Terror Attack –


I guess the strangest thing to me is there is no further mention of this past the original article…(that was buried on A24).

“Nothing to see here folks, move along…”

Kinda seems like we’re doing the bad guys’ legwork for them…


GM: The Deadbeat of America

Most excellent parody.

Ain’t that the truth!


9 Chickweed Lane by Brooke McEldowney


On July 4th, 2012 – an open letter to pResident Barack Obama

To the rest of y’all that stop by to read my ramblings, Happy Independence Day – I hope you have managed to spend time with family and friends. To those serving both home and away, I offer my thanks and prayers…











Dear pResident* Obama,

On this 236th celebration of the birth of our nation, I’d like to ask you to pause and reflect on the things that over time have made the United States of America the greatest nation in the world…go ahead, I’ll wait. Oh, that’s right – you don’t feel there is the slightest bit of exceptionalism here…

Sir, for me the very first thing was her people – a people who decided that too much government and taxation was exactly that – too much. We fortunately still have a few folks around who feel that way today.

The second was freedom  – the freedom to worship (or not); the freedom to speak your mind, the freedom of a government by the people…seems we’ve grown away from that just a bit.

The third was opportunity – not the opportunity to live on the teat of government entitlement (really taxpayer-funded entitlement) – instead it was the opportunity to succeed. People took initiative, did for themselves and each other and became successful. That’s how I was raised. I’ve worked hard since age 17 to grow as an individual and advance my career. Do I make as much money as I’d like to? Not yet, but I’m still working on it – I’m able to provide for my family without government intervention. Independence Day – living independently – fancy that!

How about you? I strongly suspect that you have never put in an honest day’s work in your life. Your books and papers ghost-written – it’s all been handed to you, hasn’t it? I suppose that upbringing or lack thereof is what leads you and your ilk to want the populace in its entirety beholden to the government for everything – food, shelter, medical treatment…well, that’s not how it’s supposed to work. Everywhere that’s been ttied before, it’s failed.

I wish there was a way to open your eyes to the truth, but since there’s not…I hope you have had a wonderful Independence Day. Moreover, I hope the United States experiences a new independence come November…



* I have difficulty referring to you as “President” since you and yours have little to no respect for the office. It seems it is but a doorway to plunder and self-advancement to you…I sincerely hope we can arrange to send you folks packin’ come November  (and January).


Tell it like it is!

This SHOULD be the official #Obama2012 campaign poster. Please share this far and wide! #p2

















Image courtesy – @keder

Always better to cheat on tests, right?

 No Child Left Behind – a Bad Idea when it was first implemented in 2001 to broad bi-partisan support. In a nutshell, the .gov ties federal monies to standardized test results. If your teaching methodology leads to high student scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), your school system gets Buckets o’ Cash from Uncle Sugar – if it doesn’t, No Soup for You!

So what’s a lagging school district to do? Why…cheat, of course:

 The situation is worse than we thought. U.S. News & World Report (7/7/2011) came out with a story titled ‘Educators Implicated in Atlanta Cheating Scandal,’ saying that ‘for 10 years, hundreds of Atlanta public school teachers and principals changed answers on state tests in one of the largest cheating scandals in U.S. history, according to a scathing 413-page investigative report released Tuesday by Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal.’ The report says that more than three-quarters of the 56 Atlanta schools investigated cheated on the 2009 standardized National Assessment of Educational Progress. – Walter E. Williams

So teachers just took it upon themselves to skew the results via a little assistance to the students? Perhaps not:

The governor’s report says that cheating orders came from the top and that widespread cheating has occurred since at least 2001. So far, no Atlanta educator has been criminally charged, even though some of the cheating was brazen, such as teachers pointing to correct answers while students were taking the tests, reading answers aloud during testing and seating low-achieving students next to high-achieving students to make cheating easier.” – Lest you think this is a localized problem…RTWT

Oh – and I’d have never seen this particular development coming:
Speaking to reporters during the American Federation of Teachers‘ biannual training conference, Randi Weingarten said the union would “obviously” represent teachers accused of cheating “to make sure that people have some kind of fairness — and that it’s not some kind of witch hunt. RTWT

I’d have never in a million years have expected union involvement in anything that wasn’t totally aboveboard. But it’s for the chiiiiiiiillllldren, right?

Pitchforks, torches…ROPE. 

The Baracktopus

Presented without comment – provide your own…courtesy Americans for Limited Government.

No wonder we are circling the drain as a country…

One small example of why Washington is dragging us to hell in a handbasket:

$175,920,000,000 – Agriculture’s share of the 2010 US GDP (1.2% of $14.660 trillion dollars)
Say it with me: “one hundred seventy-five billion nine hundred twenty million DOLLARS”
$131,000,000,000 – USDA’s FY 2010 Annual Budget
Again: “one hundred thirty-one billion DOLLARS” 

– 131,000,000, 000/175, 920,000,000 = 0.744656662 = 74.46% 

– So the government entity responsible for oversight over US agriculture has an annual budget of 74.46% of all of the money made by farmers? Oh, and the USDA budget for 2011? A mere $148 BILLION DOLLARS. In a major recession, they raised the already bloated USDA budget by $17 Billion Dollars? Sad, isn’t it?

If my calculations or figures are incorrect – please let me know…dollar amounts from here and here(pdf).

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