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Completely covered in Awesome…

Two of my favorite folks to read in one spot – Chris Muir for the toonage and Tam for teh awesome (geek squee).



I don’t know Dave (Scout26) personally, but he matters to some folks that I like a lot. Therefore he matters to me.
He’s fighting a particularly nasty battle these days – and he’s doing it with honor, good humor and aplomb. I’d appreciate it if you could stop by and let him know you are thinking of him and/or lifting up a prayer for him. I think he’d appreciate it – and I know I would.
Get better, Dave – I want to add you to my list of awesome folks I’ve met in person through blogging.

I have been remiss…

The get-together at Lidia’s was a wonderful gab-fest – good food and awesome company. There was however, one small drawback: the walk to the restaurant had moved Mom and me even further away from where we parked (across the river near the Warhol Museum). When it was time to head out on our hike, Ed aka Red very graciously offered to give us a lift. Once again proving that gunnies are the coolest people!

Thank you, Ed!

A HUGE Thank You…

…to the Second Amendment Foundation and Old NFO for masterminding two absolutely awesome get-togethers – y’all rock!

Thank you.

Tinton Falls animal hospital helps abused dog…

I’ve been really slack with my posts lately – up to my ears in a server migration. The news has been completely depressing and it’s been raining too much to go to the range for recoil therapy. A general feeling of “Meh.”

Now this:
Tinton Falls animal hospital helps abused dog found in Newark garbage chute |

Well, I’m now past “Meh” to full on rage – what kind of low-life scum could treat an animal like that?

On the bright side, the little guy seems to be recovering remarkably well – thanks to some wonderful care from Garden State Veterinary Specialists and an outpouring of donations from all over. They have received so many donations they are asking folks to donate to animal rescues closer to home. He still looks like death warmed over, but he’s healing. The Patrick Miracle
Speaking of death warmed over – that’s a look I’d seriously like to see on the waste of air that did this. May you seriously rot in hell whoever is responsible.
Rage-O-Meter courtesy Robb Allen

Coyotes don’t respect invisible fences

VI takes an excerpt from Brigid’s post and makes an excellent point. The comparison of coyotes to human predators is perfect…go RTWT – actually read both of ’em!

Violent Indifference: Invisible safety

*I also fixed an oversight on my part and added VI to my blogroll.

Daddy Bear – Jihadist Role Player

“We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”  Thanks, DB – for helping the next batch of rough men get ready…
Daddy Bear’s Den: Where are my 72 Virgins?

It’s Time for a Shunning

I’m sure you’ve read of the whole Stephens Media lawsuit dustup… their greed has shut down (only for now, I hope) The Armed Citizen.

I highly recommend a donation to help them with their legal fees if you can – just think of it as one less box of ammo for this weekend’s range trip. Relatively painless, and for a good cause.

All that said, Clayton Cramer has found a way to keep the rest of us from facing lawsuits from these bozos – just don’t visit any of their various entities on the web, don’t link to ’em, don’t mention ’em…Shun them. Thanks for all of your efforts, Clayton.

h/t to David  and Alan

ETA – Clayton’s link above will show you a FireFox add-in that will block access to all of their sites – and any others you’d like to add. (Just not mine, please!)

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