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Time to go back to the land: Planning to be as off-grid as I can - in the process there'll be music, guns, guitars, a smattering of politics (really kind of over that), CNC routing, yeah - a bunch of other stuff, too. Conservative with libertarian leanings - no wookie suit, yet. Μολὼν λαβέ - ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒE

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The Star Spangled Banner – Madison Rising

Not usually a fan of  “modified” versions of our anthem – but this one is completely full of  #win. If you don’t mind, share this one around just a bit…the rest of their songs are unabashedly patriotic. Nice work, gents! More here.


Breitbart is here…

Yep, he’s still here…


I’m a little late posting this, but I think Chris Muir may well be onto something – it sure would explain a lot!

Day by Day Cartoon by Chris Muir :: April 24, 2012 Archives

Congratulations to Mia Love – I believe you just might have ’em on the run. I look forward to seeing you fight the Big Government establishment on both sides of the aisle. That truly would be a change (and I could believe in it).

A Challenge to Myself and Everyone Else

“The major media lives on…. MONEY. Money from advertisers. Advertisers who pay for exposure to potential customers. In other words…. the major media life blood is money given them by people who want US as customers. People who have no choice but to listen to…. US.”

 Reading today’s entry over at Talking to myself again…” I realized he’s really onto something –  the advertisers do need us, but let’s motivate them locally first!

Carteach0 throws down the gauntlet…RTWT

I’m a Big Scary Conservative

I hope they are tallying these results…

How Progressive are you?

Seriously? Was there any doubt?

H/T Uncle

Here’s what happens when…

…an amazing hard rock/metal guitarist branches into modern classical composition. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Harlan Williams:

I’ve known Harlan Scott Williams since the mid-eighties – damn the boy has got an amazing array of talents – his music; his paintings – and just an all-around great guy. (And he’s a conservative, too!)

Go check him out – well worth a listen! (another video here)

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