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Veterans Day 2012

That freedom you enjoy?

They built that.

Thank you all that have served.

On July 4th, 2012 – an open letter to pResident Barack Obama

To the rest of y’all that stop by to read my ramblings, Happy Independence Day – I hope you have managed to spend time with family and friends. To those serving both home and away, I offer my thanks and prayers…











Dear pResident* Obama,

On this 236th celebration of the birth of our nation, I’d like to ask you to pause and reflect on the things that over time have made the United States of America the greatest nation in the world…go ahead, I’ll wait. Oh, that’s right – you don’t feel there is the slightest bit of exceptionalism here…

Sir, for me the very first thing was her people – a people who decided that too much government and taxation was exactly that – too much. We fortunately still have a few folks around who feel that way today.

The second was freedom  – the freedom to worship (or not); the freedom to speak your mind, the freedom of a government by the people…seems we’ve grown away from that just a bit.

The third was opportunity – not the opportunity to live on the teat of government entitlement (really taxpayer-funded entitlement) – instead it was the opportunity to succeed. People took initiative, did for themselves and each other and became successful. That’s how I was raised. I’ve worked hard since age 17 to grow as an individual and advance my career. Do I make as much money as I’d like to? Not yet, but I’m still working on it – I’m able to provide for my family without government intervention. Independence Day – living independently – fancy that!

How about you? I strongly suspect that you have never put in an honest day’s work in your life. Your books and papers ghost-written – it’s all been handed to you, hasn’t it? I suppose that upbringing or lack thereof is what leads you and your ilk to want the populace in its entirety beholden to the government for everything – food, shelter, medical treatment…well, that’s not how it’s supposed to work. Everywhere that’s been ttied before, it’s failed.

I wish there was a way to open your eyes to the truth, but since there’s not…I hope you have had a wonderful Independence Day. Moreover, I hope the United States experiences a new independence come November…



* I have difficulty referring to you as “President” since you and yours have little to no respect for the office. It seems it is but a doorway to plunder and self-advancement to you…I sincerely hope we can arrange to send you folks packin’ come November  (and January).


Just added a new countdown timer…

…to the sidebar for a very important date. I thought I’d drop it in here for emphasis.


*Eastern Time

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