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Veterans Day 2011

Today and every day my most heartfelt “Thank You” for your service to our country. Those of you who have gone in harm’s way – and those who have not – have my deepest gratitude.

This deserves a read…

Lead and Fermentation: Memorial Day Thought

I know I’m late linking this, but this should be front of mind on a daily basis…well said, sir!


Today and every day.

Brigid says it better than I ever could

I’ve been mulling over what I would post to memorialize those who gave all – after reading this I realized that what I wanted to say was wrapped up far better than I could say it.

“Memorial Day – It’s not a barbecue, some beer, a car race or a post party hangover. It’s a solemn day in which we remember those of courage who gave their all for something they believed in. Those that served their country and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Remember them.”

Home on the Range: Memorial Day – The Last Thing I Saw

Go. Read. Remember.

Folks I met at the NRA Convention…

Newly met blogroll denizens (some have been on the roll, just haven’t met them before):

The usual suspects:

Met Mom Fallacy and saw Mike from across the room, but never got to talk to him…and a ton of other bloggers that I only saw in passing. My feet are glad it was only three days, but a couple more days to visit would be cool – just close the show floor down and hang out and jaw!

Alan Gura, Alan Gottleib, John Lott and LTC Robert K. Brown? Wicked Smaht…all of ’em. But then, so are the rest of the folks listed above – see y’all in St. Louis…

Good times.

If I inadvertently left anyone out, please let me know…

*Oversight number one corrected (hangs head in shame and mutters to self)

Impressions from the first day…

  • Dayyyyyummm my dogs are a-barkin’…
  • Like some of the others have said, Pittsburgh was *not* ready for this…traffic/parking was horrendous. Had go across the river to find parking.
  • Good-sized crowd – unfailingly polite. Gunnies are a good bunch of folks…
  • Always cool to add to my “folks I’ve met” list – Old NFO and Frank W. James – and sightings of folks I met last year, too.
  • Gonna have to get one of those leash/harness deals for Mom – she kept wandering off muttering “Ooooh, shiny…”
  • Thought we’d go over to the Tilted Kilt, but bailed on it – too crowded and noisy for old folks – me included (heh).
  • Back to the hotel, grabbed dinner, a little computer time and then time to retire…
See y’all tomorrow!

First order of business…


Second  and third orders of business…seeing gunny friends and gun Pr0n.

Lather, rinse, repeat…

Yes, that is borderline SQUEEE…

Made it…

Windy as all get-out…check.
Must find food…

More to come…

Who’s going?

Is anyone making plans for the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh? I’m planning to attend – along with my pistol-packin’ Mom! Hope to see some of you folks there – 

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