Jan 022013

Things that make you go “Hmmmmmmm…”


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  5 Responses to “Amidst the noise…”

  1. That IS interesting…

  2. Excellent video with statistics that will never see the light of day with the anti-gun crowd. Until the idiots who despise guns figure out how to educate the criminal element that life is sacred we will continue to have murders. Ask the antis what kind of gun Timothy McVeigh used?? They look at you and say uhh, uhh, uuhhhh, he didn’t use any gun. And you can answer, EXACTLY!

  3. Absolutely loved your comments on Guns America site….. I agree wholeheartedly that the propaganda war ,waged by our gov’t backed media would make old Joseph Geobbels very proud i

  4. I actually stumbled upon your video when I stumbled upon LiveLeak because I was prompted by an episode of Bones where they were in England helping with a crime and would not let the character Booth use his gun. (Sorry for the run on sentence but there is some humor in it) Anyway, it was because of exactly what you said “so many people are quick to accuse the United States of being so violent,” and with all the crazy gun control rhetoric going on I wanted to look into it. So, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for this video and looking into the data. I’m currently teaching Animal Farm to a home school high school class and I can not begin to tell how chilling it is to hear Sqealer (Pravda) manipulate the animals with his words and unsubstantiated threats only to protect Napoleon. You are absolutely right about targeting (oops wrong word) specific pockets of urban areas, however there is definately a moral fiber missing accross the board. Also, most of the urban areas are heavily Democratic where by they agree with the political rhetoric from their party even though they don’t know the facts. Thanks for your site. Glad I found you.

  5. Y’all – it’s important to note that I’ve just embedded Billy’s videos on my blog. It’s his work – I just happen to agree with it. Back to your regularly scheduled programs… 😉

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