Nov 082012

Some good advice to a disheartened blogging friend from Doug Ross @ Journal: And, about blogging….

It was written to Fausta, but applies to the rest of us with our bottom lips poked out and tears in our eyes from a stinging defeat.

Now, if you didn’t catch the link in Doug’s post make sure to read Tabitha Hale’s post…

Buck up, buttercups! Step away from the laptop for a day or two and then focus on what was accomplished.

  • Retained the House – check.
  • Net gain on Governors – check.
  • Discovered Chris Christie will roll wherever the political winds blow him – wait, that wasn’t an achievement. Noted and checked. It’s worthwhile to know which allies are with you 100%, isn’t it?
  • Networked with a brilliant bunch of bloggers and activists.

My blogging has been really sporadic due to the day job which frequently turns into a nights and weekends job, too. I’m still here, just not as prolific…but you already knew that. Now it will likely become even more so.

For me decompression will be some time at the reloading bench, some trips to the range, guitar playing, songwriting and learning my new recording software. We’re moving back home to Virginia, so I have a house to build, prepping to do and more weight to lose.

Blogging will continue in snippet fashion for a bit – for now I’m trying to keep the anger at what’s being done to our country down to a slow burn.

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  1. I hear ya. Locally, our county went 65% ‘pub. I worked for several candidates for county offices and they all won by 2:1 margins or better. Ditto for some local state reps and senators. Lost some state-wide offices, though. The problem is the metro area vote dem in lock-step. We’ll need to overcome that.

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