Nov 032012

…I went yesterday to avoid today’s lines. We made the mistake of going on Saturday in 2008 and the lines were atrocious – we spent around four hours in line waiting to vote. I’ll have to take a trip past some of the early voting polling places to see what today’s lines look like.

If you haven’t already voted, please go vote either today or Tuesday. However, please realize at this late stage in the game a “statement vote” or a “conscience vote” is most assuredly NOT the way to go. A vote cast for anyone other than Mitt Romney is pissin’ in the wind and actually is a vote *for* Barack Obama. If that’s not enough to cause you further nightmares, remember that Joe Biden is still only one step away from the Presidency. *shudder*

It’s time to Change It Back.

While I seriously doubt anyone can bring it back…it’s worth a shot…

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  1. i voted early also

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