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Time to go back to the land: Planning to be as off-grid as I can - in the process there'll be music, guns, guitars, a smattering of politics (really kind of over that), CNC routing, yeah - a bunch of other stuff, too. Conservative with libertarian leanings - no wookie suit, yet. Μολὼν λαβέ - ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒE

Buy A Gun Day…

I recently got a new Ruger SR9C – so I will not get a gun for B.A.G Day. However, in the spirit of the day, it’s time to start my slide down the slippery slope of reloading. I’m still researching what I’m going to buy – most likely a turret model. Any brand and model suggestions from the reloading crowd? I want to try the cast bullet end of things, too…

In other news, I’ve got a long way to go……but I’m really starting to like the new blog digs. I’m still “unpacking” and “putting stuff away” – so expect to see other changes over the next few days. Getting a blogroll configured was somewhat of a bear – the old Blogger site had a widget set to do the blogroll “out of the box.” I’m still not thrilled with the current setup – I’d like it to display the blog name as well as the post title – any suggestions there?


  1. I just moved mine to hostgator and I feel your pain! I lost all my subscribers, my blogroll links. UGH.

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