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Note to Progressives:

Newsflash! There is no clean end to a turd.


A new Facebook friend has shared the letter we are all dreading across the nation – though I’m sure many others have already gotten it. We just received verbal notification at work today, but the ax hasn’t officially fallen. On to his original post:

So I got a letter from Bluecross Blueshield, my health insurance provider, on Saturday. It explained that my current plan, the plan I chose to fit my individual needs, does not comply with Obamacare and thus had to be cancelled. It went on to say that I shouldn’t worry because I had been automatically moved to new plan that does meet the new Obamacare requirements. The details of my new plan are just excellent. My deductible went from $1500 up to $2500, that’s 66%. My limit on annual out of pocket expenses went up from $1500 to $6350, up 323%. I’m now covered for a bunch of things I don’t want or need, like mental illness inpatient and substance abuse inpatient treatment coverage. Now a rational person might assume that when something I chose to buy, and wanted to keep was taken from me, it would at least cost less to pay for the thing that was forced onto me. Well that’s the best part! My monthly premium went up from $139.50 to $229.19, an increase of 65%! I get to pay MORE for something I don’t even want… Remember when our fearless leader said if we like our current plan we can keep it? I know I’m not the only person experiencing this. Please share your story, people have to understand what’s happening here. And please support Ted Cruz and his allies in the senate. He’s one of the few people trying to save us from this monstrosity .


Images courtesy Shane Jansen, used by permission. Go on, read ’em. Weep. Absorb them. Let the rage build.

BCBS Letter

Exhibit One:
BCBS Comp 1

Exhibit Two:

BCBS Comp2

Exhibit Three:

So…how’s that Obamacare working for you? Not so hot for me. I’ve been preaching this since way before it ever got signed into law  – and Nancy Pelosi and Dingy Harry Reid gleefully danced like the vultures they are on the graves of countless future Obamacare victims. Rude awakening time – the future is NOW. It’s HERE.

Did you really read and absorb those numbers? Shane had a pretty frikkin’ decent insurance plan before – beats the heck out of what I have had. But I’d say his paycheck is going to take quite a hit. I know mine already has – before the dreaded letter.

So Senator Ted Cruz spoke to defund Obamacare (The UNAffordable Care Act) for an epic 21 hours and 19 minutes – some dispute it being a filibuster – I don’t care. Senator Cruz gets it. Unlike many, he read the damnable thing and refused to vote for it.

I have a pdf of the bill, but I have not read it in its entirety – I honestly didn’t have the stomach for it. What I did read of it showed me the writing on the wall – unfortunately I was dismissed by many as that crazy libertarian guy with the “Don’t Tread on Me” tag on his truck.

I hate to say “I told you so” –  but I frikkin’ TOLD YOU SO.

I have a pretty decent job, and this is going to seriously hurt me.

Low information voters that voted for “FREEEEE STUFF! MOAR” – it’s honestly going to hurt you even more.

I hope to all that’s holy you can get a discount on a tub of petroleum jelly. You’re gonna need it.

Bend over – Dr. Obama is in…
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  30 Responses to “Show and tell with Shane Jansen”

  1. The ehealthinsurance page shows that Blue Cross is still offering an EssentialsChoice HSA plan in Nebraska at the same levels of cost, deductible, and coverage as Shane has now. There are also other plans from two other companies that would appear to be even less expensive than what he has now and still provide the same or greater coverage.

    A full and honest review of the situation would include a comparison of the plans Shane actually qualifies for. It would appear that Shane has zero reason to complain and has access to similar or less expensive plans.

    • Sam,

      Since you’ve done the legwork, please share the link – I’ll approve it. I’m going by what Shane’s letter from BCBS stated – this is effective January 1, 2014. To my knowledge the new web information doesn’t go live until October 1, 2013. I’ll eat crow if I’m wrong.

      Additionally, our HR department at work just notified us yesterday that our plan provider will also be terminating our current plan on January 1, 2014. We will need to have made arrangements to transition to a new plan before that date. We have been offered a plan that keeps our current set of benefits whilst adding the mandated portions from Obamacare. The premiums for the new plan will be a bit over 200% of our current plan. Not hearsay, the official word from corporate.

      YMMV – if yours doesn’t change, more power to you…



  2. Nothing has changed for me. You are either misinformed or dnot realize yiu can change your coverage. My coverage is also in the most expensive state.

    • Scott,

      You miss my point – sure I can change coverage. I can also sell my truck and get another one – but the government has no right to tell me I need to do either one of those things. In either case to maintain the level of coverage – or the same level of options if you will, it’s going to cost me more than I’m currently paying.

      Check back with me on January 1, 2014 and let me know if your coverage is still the same at the identical cost to your current premium.



  3. Tell Me, McCray.. can you prove that the documents shown are actual Blue Cross/Blue Shield documents, and not just something that someone doctored up, hm? With today’s photographic & word processing software packages, it’s possible to make believable versions of just about anything.. which casts a great deal of doubt on your “exhibits”.

    • No, Fullam – I can’t “prove” that the “exhibits” are actual Blue Cross/Blue Shield Documents – even though the extent of the “doctoring” I’m aware of was the removal of Shane’s address from the scanned copies. I’m aware that documents can be faked and frequently are faked, however given the information I am being provided in my own workplace I’m inclined to believe they are legitimate.

      Now let’s go ahead and double down on this: If I’m wrong about this I will happily come back and post a retraction in the form of a comment or a fresh post referencing you by name. If I’m right will you have the testicular fortitude to drop by and admit that you were wrong? Standing by.

      • What could Brett be wrong about? He never made a claim that it was doctored, just raised the possibility that it could be. There’s a difference between asking for verification and making a claim.

        • NewSoulSam,

          There is a difference between asking for verification and outright casting aspersions – regarding being “wrong about this”, I was referencing the changes in policy premiums. That’s what inspired this blog post in the first place…not only did I have my own experience, I had someone else’s on which to comment.


  4. Shane, Although the plan blue cross switched you to is indeed an increase there is more than one plan that can be chosen that is less comprehensive and comparable or lower than your previous plan while paralleling or bettering your original coverage in most areas. This is annoying but honestly it isn’t because obamacare, it’s because blue cross/ blue shield is using the implementation to try and increase profits by defaulting its customers to a more expensive plan hoping people will blame Obama and accept the higher rates. There are several complaints for this tactic. If you research the available plans you can almost certainly find a plan that suits you for the same or a lower rate. Dirty pool by the insurance company but the affordable care act is the scapegoat not the cause. There are rate increases for higher income customers in a few markets, while other markets (like New York) has seen a decrease in rates across the board. The trade off is insurance for nearly 30 million Americans who currently use emergency rooms as their only source of medical assistance which greatly raises the rates everyone pays. The new law will improve many low income families quality of life and in theory greatly reduce rates over the next ten years when the increase in preventative care helps to stop many major illness before they start for those who couldn’t prevent them. Also these same people rarely if every have the means to pay for those emergency visits which when eliminated will reduce insurance rates further. Big picture? There’s a plan for you at a very similar or better rate. The hassle of switching it helps millions of our fellow Americans live a better life, and the end result will lower those costs further in the near future. Just my opinion but Obamacare is working pretty good for me and for you. And it hasn’t even kicked in yet. The blame actually lies with crooked insurance companies.

    • You should call yourself Uninformed because of the lack of knowledge in your post. Someone like myself who does not have insurance (by choice) will be forced to get some or pay a penalty. Let me guess, that’s not Osama’s fault either. You keep claiming there’s a plan for you at a very similar or better rate. Please inform us Einstein.

      • Derek,

        I’m assuming this one is directed to “Informed” – I’d like those answers from them as well. Still waiting, though – grab a chair and some popcorn and we’ll wait!


  5. informed,

    Tasty kool-aid, isn’t it? Sorry, but I just can’t buy blaming it all on those “crooked insurance companies.” The U-ACA is indeed the driver of these changes – when a law dictates that all insurance policies must have a specified set of items, then they must have those items.

    As I mentioned, I currently have a pretty decent plan – however it will cease to exist effective January 1, 2014. Not due to my wishes, not due to my employer’s wishes – but due to a government mandate. “Minimum standards” being applied to a benefit-rich policy because it doesn’t include the right items according to the government? Where exactly is that a good idea?
    Are insurers at fault for taking advantage? Most likely so. Is our Federal Government complicit for allowing it to happen – perhaps even encouraging it? Absolutely.

    By the way – how can you have a plan that is “less comprehensive and comparable?” If it’s less comprehensive, it’s certainly not comparable, now is it? I imagine Shane would be perfectly happy with the plan he has had as opposed to something that was mandated.

    Moreover, if this albatross is such a great idea, why on earth is there a growing list of organizations seeking exemptions?

    Waiting for the other shoe to drop,


    • “By the way – how can you have a plan that is “less comprehensive and comparable?” If it’s less comprehensive, it’s certainly not comparable, now is it?”

      On this point, if it isn’t comparable if it’s less comprehensive then it stands to reason that if it was more comprehensive it wouldn’t be comparable – the other plan would be less comprehensive relatively. By that logic, it would only be comparable if neither plan was more or less comprehensive than the other. However, in that case they would be identical and there would be no relative differences. So, differences are actually a requisite to be able to compare two things.

      • NewSoulSam,

        Back so soon? I stand by my point, fine though it may be. You can play Monty Python all you wish. Shane – as are we all – is being shoehorned into a “one-size-fits-all” policy that doesn’t fit his needs and wants. What happened to free will?
        The fact remains that government-mandated “change” is afoot and it will – mark my words – cost all of us. Even those of you that so willingly embrace government intervention into every aspect of your lives.


  6. Yep. Those other shoes are just hanging there. Waiting to drop. When will someone explain that the “subsidies” planned for those who need help with premiums come via tax credits, meaning that the premiums must be paid up front and “rebated” with tax refunds. I think eating might be preferable.

    • Moogie,

      There is a huge difference between “paid for” and a “tax credit” that comes later, isn’t it? It’s been explained in depth by those paying attention (the ones who actually read it) – but that gub’mint cheese is an enticing siren to those not paying attention – pity it’s in a big ol’ rat trap!

      Best to you and the Mister,

  7. This is a direct result of Obamacare, Insurance companies have been dreading it. However they had no choice but to make peace with it. Originally we were told, Obamacare could increase a healthy person’s policy by up to 400%, this is do to not being able to underwrite a policy for a sick individual. For the insurance companies to stay afloat someone has to pick up the difference for the ill people, that will now being provided insurance. Please note: with as many years as I have been with my company, I am not an insurance lover. I have no doubt there are things going on behind the scene. There has to be, Plus, I’m sure the Senior Management will ensure that they still get their multi million bonus’s and stock options every year. While the associates handle the hot calls from upset subscribers, and will be in meltdown mode by the end of each work day. Then come review time will be told you get a 2% increase this year in your paycheck…Good Job. On another note: after 23 years 10 months, as an exempt associate putting in 12-15 hour days “perfect everything” I am now on stress leave with anxiety, panic attacks and more. All I can say is if you speak to a representative at the insurance company, they are in full agreement with you. If you want to yell and call names, get the information for the Senior Management and blast them. They need to take the heat once in a while…Just my two cents…

    • 24 Year,

      I do feel some are taking advantage of the situation – and I also believe we would not have seen change this epic without the government mandate. Yes, costs have been rising – but not at an exponential rate. Interesting to have some insight “from the inside” – I agree they are all complicit.


  8. Well, Obama knows that you will be complaining about the plans, and he knows it’s going to probably drive you to drink or do excess drugs. So, just in case you are now covered for all of that. Wow, sounds like a reasonably understandable President. He is just trying to assist with the outrage you are having which may drive you to drinking, drugs and mental illness. Good luck with whatever plan you choose. By the Way, the government can pretty well tell you what to do, whenever they decide. Like taking your money away from you and paying Social Security and Medicare. I believe I could have made better investments than the government is doing with it now. So, cheer up, your mental anguish is covered now under your new plan.

    • Don,

      Sound as if you’re at least able to keep your sense of humor about it – I’m with you. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?


  9. The inference of Shane Jansen spreading this “propaganda” from BCBS is that the Government is making his choices & shoving them down his throat. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Shane alleges that this is an individual policy vs. employer coverage. Ummm Shane…BCBS is warning you 3 MONTHS in advance that you can shop around. Being lazy & complaining for the sake of denying Americans access & implementation of a law that has already passed. Are not these simply instructions to disobey the law???

    Of course you know you can adjust your Federal Tax Withholding amount to accommodate the subsidies. Oh yeah, a simple & logical approach would indicate that there ARE choices…

    • Jodie,

      “The inference of Shane Jansen spreading this “propaganda” from BCBS is that the Government is making his choices & shoving them down his throat.”

      How is this “propaganda”? A law or mandate does indeed remove choice – these elements will be a part of the minimum standards. What if I don’t want some of those elements? Tough. See? Removal of choice.

      “This couldn’t be further from the truth! Shane alleges that this is an individual policy vs. employer coverage.”

      Where does it say that?

      Ummm Shane…BCBS is warning you 3 MONTHS in advance that you can shop around. Being lazy & complaining for the sake of denying Americans access & implementation of a law that has already passed.

      Nice, so now you resort to calling names? By all indications Shane is a hard working guy, who’s upset about a financial hit his wallet is going to take. It’s not about denying anyone anything.

      Are not these simply instructions to disobey the law???

      What? Who’s talking about disobeying the law?

      Of course you know you can adjust your Federal Tax Withholding amount to accommodate the subsidies. Oh yeah, a simple & logical approach would indicate that there ARE choices…

      What if you live paycheck to paycheck as it is? Where’s the money going to come from now? Adjust your withholding? *Snort* The whole issue with any type of entitlement is they rely wholly on OPM (Other People’s Money) – problem is, sooner or later OPM runs out. Let the GenY kids stay on their ‘rents insurance ’til they are 26 – that won’t cost a thing, will it?

      Oh well –
      Best anyway,

  10. Heh, you’re getting the trolls running rampant on this one Scott… The truth IS coming out, whether the left likes it or not!

  11. His current insurance provider moved him to coverage that they chose, one that they offered as comparable. He is not required to keep this policy enrollment. There are other choices, some eliminating coverage for things he does not need. This coverage choice has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act.
    Also, I don’t see from this message whether or not he will qualify for a subsidy. It could lower the cost. The out of pocket is deceptive – many tests and preventative care visits are now covered in full with no out of pocket $$ required.

    • Kris,

      You claim it has nothing to do with the (UN)Affordable Care Act – yet Shane’s current policy is being terminated due to not meeting the “standards” mandated by Obamacare (as is my company’s group policy). I’d say the end result has everything to do with the act. I can’t speak for Shane regarding any subsidies, but I can speak for myself – I get zilch, bupkis for subsidies – you get the idea. Yet my rates are slated to skyrocket. Just curious – where do you suppose the funding for the “many tests and preventative care visits” that “are now covered in full with no out of pocket $$ required” is coming from? Think long and hard about that – but I’ll give you a clue – someone else is bearing that burden. Perhaps not you – but many someones will “tote that bale” for someone else to be able to get something for nothing.

      “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”Barack Obama

      O RLY?


  12. I’m sure our healthcare costs are going to decline. They have to, with all the new job openings created for the insurance companies, the IRS, and whatever brilliant oversight agency this albatross created. These new jobs will magically create all sorts of new money to circulate and all these new paper-pushers will efficiently manage the healthcare of sheeple everywhere, making all our choices for us. We will be happy and prosperous, pass me another cup of that kool-aid Rev. Jones!

    • Rick,

      Exactly. It’s PFM – “Pure Freaking Magic.” Brought to us by Rainbow Farting Unicorns and Leprechauns – the Easter Bunny may be helping out, too. Re: the kool-aid, Imma hafta pass on that, but I do need a shot of bourbon…



  13. Scott,
    I have to go pick up my children, so I didn’t read each and every comment and reply.
    Based on some of the comments I saw, I doubt seriously that we would agree on too many political or social issues. However, I respect all opinions that someone is willing to back up with any type of actual thought instead of following party lines, or blindly following what someone else told them to think. So, with all that said, I think the fact that you have posted this, and provided a forum for people to have a dialog about a very important, and relevant topic is super f*cking awesome, and I respect that and your opinions, whether or not I agree with them.

    • Michele,

      Please realize unless the posts are extreme “potty keyboard”, I’ll allow ’em. I may agree, or post a counterpoint. One thing that I ask for is citations for any statements…

      Either way – I’m glad you stopped by! I’m somewhat of an old curmudgeon, but I do have some redeeming qualities. I hope you’ll continue to stop by and engage in dialog. If we all agreed about everything, it’d be a pretty boring world. That said, I’ve done a metric crap-ton of research – and I seriously try to not spout party rhetoric. I feel neither of the two “mainstream” parties has We The People‘s best interests at heart (as a whole – I feel some individual members do). Stop by – we’ll discuss…


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