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Month: April 2012

Breitbart is here…

Yep, he’s still here…

Tell it like it is!

This SHOULD be the official #Obama2012 campaign poster. Please share this far and wide! #p2

















Image courtesy – @keder

Fairy Tale?

Pinocchio, Snow White, and Superman are out for a stroll in town one day. As they walk, they come across a sign: “Beauty contest for the most beautiful woman in the world.”
“I am entering,” said Snow White.
After half an hour she comes out and they ask her, “Well, how’d ya do?”
” First Place ,” said Snow White.

They continue walking and they see a sign: “Contest for the strongest man in the world.”
“I’m entering,” says Superman.
After half an hour he returns and they ask him, “How did you make out?”
” First Place ,” answers Superman. ” Di d you ever doubt?”

They continue walking when they see a sign: “Contest! Who is the greatest liar in the world?”
Pinocchio enters.
After half an hour he returns with tears in his eyes.
“What happened?” they asked.
“Who the hell is Eric Holder*?” asked Pinocchio.

*Realizing the left is so rich with choices, please feel free to substitute as necessary. Possible options to include Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman Schultz – the list goes on…


I’m a little late posting this, but I think Chris Muir may well be onto something – it sure would explain a lot!

Day by Day Cartoon by Chris Muir :: April 24, 2012 Archives

Congratulations to Mia Love – I believe you just might have ’em on the run. I look forward to seeing you fight the Big Government establishment on both sides of the aisle. That truly would be a change (and I could believe in it).

Buy A Gun Day…

I recently got a new Ruger SR9C – so I will not get a gun for B.A.G Day. However, in the spirit of the day, it’s time to start my slide down the slippery slope of reloading. I’m still researching what I’m going to buy – most likely a turret model. Any brand and model suggestions from the reloading crowd? I want to try the cast bullet end of things, too…

In other news, I’ve got a long way to go……but I’m really starting to like the new blog digs. I’m still “unpacking” and “putting stuff away” – so expect to see other changes over the next few days. Getting a blogroll configured was somewhat of a bear – the old Blogger site had a widget set to do the blogroll “out of the box.” I’m still not thrilled with the current setup – I’d like it to display the blog name as well as the post title – any suggestions there?

Occupy violence continues to escalate

NYC Occupy Smashes Starbucks, Shouts ‘All Pigs Must Die’ – Lee Stranahan – Breitbart

Go RTWT – and try to not grind your teeth while you read, mkay?

OK, you’re back? I have some questions for you…

Exactly how long before these “useful idiots” with their propensity for tantrums and destroying things that don’t belong to them make it to your little corner of the world? Are you prepared for that? Odds are, they’ll continue to infest the larger cities, but how would you react if it was your business or home that was being destroyed? Does “stand your ground” apply here? How about “Castle Laws”? I know how I feel about it…



There’s been hypothetical talk of “The Zombie Apocalypse” and “SHTF” scenarios for a long time now. While these occupiers aren’t zombies yet, they are mindless – and they do smell like they’re dead.

I’m just sayin’.

Enough WordPress for now…

Gone fishing – the Tuckaseegee beckons…

MacBourne’s Musings has moved…

First post on WordPress – woohoo!

I’ve had the domain for some time for my woodworking, finally got around to making the move with the blog. Expect a few changes over the next little bit as I get used to the new digs. Who knows, I might actually start blogging more!

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