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Month: October 2011

Now *that’s* bad breath…

Sorry no embedding – but worth the click…
Zits – Bad breath test:

ZOMG! The irony, it BURNS!

Tensions grow at Occupy Wall Street as money and power struggles fester behind-the-scenes – “Even in Zuccotti Park, greed is good.

Occupy Wall Street’s Finance Committee has nearly $500,000 in the bank, and donations continue to pour in — but its reluctance to share the wealth with other protestErs is fraying tempers.” RTWT

BTW – teh STUPID, it burns, too…I’m just sayin’.

Divided we *fail*

Divisiveness has long been used as a political tactic. However, I don’t believe we have ever witnessed it played to such perfection as by our current administration. Dr. Williams presents an outstanding analysis:

Pitting Us Against Each Other – Walter E. Williams – Townhall Conservative: “President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have led increasingly successful efforts to pit Americans against one another through the politics of hate and envy. Attacking CEO salaries, the president — last year during his Midwest tour — said, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”” RTWT

I for one never understood the whole “class envy” thing – couldn’t possibly give less of a rat’s ass what salary someone else makes. No college degree, yet I’m solidly in the upper middle of the pay scale for my chosen field (Information Technology). What path brought  me here? I got laid off – and after a short search took a job that was not at all what I was looking for – but it paid the bills and supported my family.

Deciding I wanted more, I bettered myself via reading, on-job training, schooling and certifications. Worked full time, grabbed all of the overtime that was available and worked the occasional side job, too. Attended school three nights a week and eight hours every other Saturday. Got my certifications and paid off the tech school loans in a little over a year. Now I work away from home for two weeks at a time – is that ideal? Nope –  but it pays the bills and supports my family.

Mom and Dad taught me anything worth having was worth working for – and by rights, no one else is going to give it to me or do it for me.

Pity some other folks never learned those lessons…


Excellent Rant

So…. « Freedom Is Just Another Word…:

Good stuff…

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