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Month: April 2010

Survival Seeds – Heirlooms

Tractor Tracks: Survival Seeds

Farmgirl’s write up got me to thinking about garden food – the best part of spring and summer. Mom and Bro already have their gardens kickin’ nicely, mine is running a bit behind. I hope to get the majority of the planting done this weekend.

They both plant a mix of square foot and row style, until we get out of the city and back to the land we do square foot gardening in raised beds. We don’t have the room for big row and hill crops, so it’s mostly climbing crops (cukes, pole beans, sugar snaps), cage crops like tomatoes, and compact bush plants (beans, peppers). Even with only six 4’x4′ raised beds, we still knock a substantial dent in our food bill.

One thing that eats a large amount of garden space is our asparagus. It tends to sprawl like a teenager on a sofa as the season goes on, but its perennial nature makes me forgive that. As wonderful as the first juicy tomatoes of summer can be, there’s nothing at all like the first freshly picked asparagus spears of spring. MMMMMM – that is what spring tastes like!

What’s in *your* garden?

Postcard from God’s Country

I was fortunate enough to snap this photo when I was back home for a visit a couple of weeks ago:

Springtime  – here’s to new beginnings.

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