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Gabriella Quevedo – (VIXX) Error

More amazing work from the extremely talented Ms. Quevedo:

I had never heard the original before – interesting. Gabriella’s version, though…

Liz Longley – “Unraveling”

I’ve been wandering through Liz Longley’s catalog – this will be my last one for tonight…

If you’ve lost a family member or friend to Alzheimer’s – this is your song. Thank you, Liz. Sadly beautiful. Tears…

Liz Longley at OpenAir: “Peace of Mind”

I just can’t get enough of her voice – hopefully Liz Longley will become a household name soon! Funny that two of my favorite vocalists are both Liz – though one proclaims herself “Lzzy” (Lzzy Hale of Halestorm). Enjoy…

Oh my, that voice…

Like velvet, perfect pitch – enjoy. You’re welcome…

Gabriella Quevedo – Dream On – (Aerosmith)

Simply awesome – amazing talent…

Stripped, sparse – as it should be…

1952 Vincent Black Lightning / O’Keefe Music Foundation – just magical.

I’ll just leave this here…

Awwww – hellllll, yeah!

Monday Earworm

These kids are nothing short of amazing – good stuff! Crank it!

Here’s your Tuesday Earworm

Just discovered this new project yesterday – simply OUTSTANDING!

Maragold on Amazon


Your Friday dose of “Earworm Awesome!”


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