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Month: January 2013



ICYMI – Tab Clearing Edition

All linky – no thinky…

Homeland Security: AR-15 Suitable for Personal Defense

John Lott: The Facts About Assault Weapons and Crime

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Some words of wisdom from Dr. Thomas Sowell

It’s awfully easy for someone in their ivory towers and gated communities with armed bodyguards to decide what’s right for the rest of us.

“The gun control controversy is only the latest of many issues to be debated almost solely in terms of fixed preconceptions, with little or no examination of hard facts.”

The left as always approaches  gun control from their bastion of nanny-statism – “We are so much smarter than you little people – we know how you should live your lives…”

“Anyone who faces three home invaders, jeopardizing himself or his family, might find 30 bullets barely adequate. After all, not every bullet hits, even at close range, and not every hit incapacitates. You can get killed by a wounded man.

These plain life-and-death realities have been ignored for years by people who go ballistic when they hear about how many shots were fired by the police in some encounter with a criminal. As someone who once taught pistol shooting in the Marine Corps, I am not the least bit surprised by the number of shots fired. I have seen people miss a stationary target at close range, even in the safety and calm of a pistol range.
We cannot expect everybody to know that. But we can expect them to know that they don’t know — and to stop spouting off about life-and-death issues when they don’t have the facts.” 


Senators not in ‘millionaires’ club’ would be hurt by lost paychecks – The Hill

Boo-freakin’ hoo…if I don’t do my job, I run the risk of being fired ASAP. Since we don’t have that option with these SCOAMFs (I know that title’s usually reserved for BO, but it shouldn’t be…), withholding pay seems like a good plan. I’d take it one further – rather than this:

“The provisions in the bill specify that if the Senate does not pass a budget resolution, pay will be withheld until Jan. 3, 2015, when the 113th Congress ends.”

Make that pay witholding *permanent* if the budget resolution is not passed – in fact, let’s do away with their pensions, insurance coverage, etc. as well! Seems legit to me…

Senators not in ‘millionaires’ club’ would be hurt by lost paychecks – The Hill.

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Words matter.

Amidst the noise

The money quote?

“…we know it was the people responsible”


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